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we play more praise and worship than anybody Kari Jobe crazy praise radio wcpr

wcpr is licenced in the USA and world wide


Bible Reading Plan

Today's Bible Verse

Luke 12:38 - "And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants."


WCPR is for sale. Serious inq. only!!!


The station has had more then 4 million listeners

has active listener base


Shows, Content, jingles, station ids. Bumpers etc. ALL INCLUDED!

what is on the server anyway. We have a agreement with the production studio that does work for "THE FISH" as well as over 100 other TOP Christian FM stations! you can keep this agreement or cancel it.

It was never our intent to make money with this station however it has in the past

Income sources are. Listener donations. On site ads. Google Adsence - at times we have offered on air spots to generate income to pay the bills of the station.




Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Web design

Web Player mods

domain names

Licenced call sign WCPR-DB


CrazyPraiseRadio.com as well as WCPRradio.com

Powered by HIGH END custom built server in a dedicated data center (Located in the USA)



EV broadcast mic cost $400

Mic sheild cost $65

EV broadcast mic shock mount stand $125

Mic boom arm

High end Mixing board 16 ch. 4 bus FX behringer cost over $800

Studio Rack


Digital recorder / player cost over $200

Meters $100+/-

2ch. Tube mic pre-amp (behringer) cost over $200

Dual DJ CD Player with controls cost over $600

headphone amp 4ch

USB sound card

Mic Flags

Cough button

cables an wires

PC may or may not be included



Sale also includes whats left of thousands of promotional material such as

Stickers, flyers, ink pens etc.

Radio Play out software

auto Dj


Social Media accounts included

Face book 30,000+ likes twitter 15,000+ followers You tube OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS!


This is a full blown radio station you WILL NOT find another deal like this! I know as i am always looking you can find how to start your own station with shared cheap hosting that will cost you more then you need to spend with 0 listeners

WCPR is 5 years old - has had MASSIVE marketing campaigns, a listener base, over 4 million have tuned in!

Run as a hobby or turn a profit every month! your choice!

The server was custom built by an over seen by a RADIO BROADCASTING company in business for over 20+ years

google the station an see how much you find

crazy praise radio

WCPR radio


TONS an TONS of sites link to us as well as we are carried on over 20+ apps i lost count :) like the tune in radio app

Christian magazines as well as sites link to us an many many more!


SERIOUS BUYERS WITH CASH ON HAND contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

UPDATE 1/11/18.....

The station was put up for sale due to personal issues an my faith was put to the test Im still in a situation i cant control an am hurt but i have found my way back to the lord where as i almost lost my faith, So selling the station is on hold until i figure it all out I dont want to rush Owning WCPR has been one of the greatest things in my life so i dont want to rush it an give it up because im going thru a rough time, I keep praying God will restore my family 


If you MUST have the station i will sell for $16,000 cash! other then that im not going to let go just yet im going to put my faith back where it belongs IN CHRIST an wait on him to guide me thru this time.



Whos Online

We have 7885 guests and 27 members online

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Dimound ring 2 kt

Fonduey tshirts wcpr sponsor

 excalibur meats  is a proud sponsor of WCPR radio. Crazy praise radio is commercial free

About Us


“We are a vibrant Christian Radio Station which exists to give glory to God in Jesus Christ.

We see ourselves as a center for Christian renewal in the lives of individuals, families and congregations.

No longer do you have to wait to Sunday Church to enjoy Praise & Worship music and invite the presence of God

into your life. We offer a place to fill your sprit daily with Christ thru music.

This is why we strive to be and remain commercial free unlike other stations we are not here for profit, but to bring people to Christ.

Help people stay focused on their faith, and renew daily.

We are committed to:

  • Worship as a dynamic experience of the presence of God through Word, Sacrament, Music and Christian community;
  • Welcome as an invitation to everyone to meet Jesus Christ no matter where they are on their spiritual journey of life;
  • Empowerment as enabling individuals, couples and families to discover the power of the Holy Spirit through faith active in real life; and
  • Growth as the opportunity to increase each person’s confidence and joy in Jesus Christ through prayer, Bible study and through active service in our church, community and world.”