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Broadcast your ministry

broadcast your Ministry on CPR1


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Your ministry could be reaching much more souls. Think about it the Smith family could not make it to church because the kids were sick, instead of missing the message they can hear it live on their phone or pc even tablet. What about the folks in nursing homes, they could be listening! Brother Tom is from New York and your church is in Ohio. He tells his family about this awesome church he found and goes to they all wish they could come but a 10 hour drive is not possible. Now they can listen Live... We could go on and on but the message is clear if you would like to broadcast your ministry on crazy praise radio / Praise 102 now is your chance. We are offering only 2 spots! each sunday and that is it!


Each spot requires a 4 week contract.

Includes a 30 sec. on air spot to promote your ministry aired 7 days. You may insert promos in prerecorded only not live.

Promotion: CPR will promote your ministry on our FB page, and station site.

CPR will give you a Yard sign to post in church lawn "LISTEN LIVE ON .... choose url to promote

CPR will give you 2 2x4 full color banners with your ministry and or church logo along with CPR logo and text to promote your on air show

example did the devil give you a flat tire? Jesus Wins! Listen to (your church) "LIVE" (Choose URL, days your show airs and time )

CPR will give you ALL CPR logos in print quality for you to pick and choose which to use in your newsletters and websites, We will also grant you Licence to use for Print!

CPR will grant you graphic ad space on the CPR station site to promote your ministry.



There are 3 options if you are within 50 miles if Akron Ohio. If your ministry is not with in the 50 miles option 2 or 3 is for you.

Option 1- CPR comes to you and does the live broadcast. We need a Level Line out from the Master mix on your churches mixing board. along with a High speed internet connection hard wired not wifi.


Option 2 - CPR will provide you with a secret URL and log in, Where you can stream your live feed direct to CPR servers for live broadcast. Some software and set up is required and we can help you get all of that in order.


Option 3 - PRE Recorded. This is for the ministry who wishes to insert their own commercials or do post editing and/or who may not be in the eastern time zone or for what ever reason wishes to air pre recorded content.

This option requires you to send broadcast ready 128 - mp3. files to us 24hrs before air so that our team has time to insert in to the rotation at the set time.


One final note ALL BROADCASTS are to be in English only. Each block AM or PM is $ x 4 weeks = full cost per month. CPR will invoice you each month. costs are to be paid before shows air. if you wish to pay weekly let us know. PRE PAY for 12 weeks and get upgraded to 60 second promo spots on air FREE!


Price - Per 30 min 60 min. Double airtime for a limited time! act fast!

OPTION1 - Live shows - where CPR comes to you and broadcasts live. Contact us for price

OPTION 2 - Live shows - where you broadcast your self are Contact us for price.

OPTION 3 - Pre recorded show - You Must send us Broadcast ready mp3 file 24 hrs prior to air. Contact us for price.

Contact us by Toll free fax (usa) or Email (global)

Fax to 1 (866) 282-3876   or    Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Become A Sponsor.

Crazy Praise Radio as you know is commercial free, Which is to say we don't make money. Like any other busisness we have bills that must be paid.

To help in this way we use donations from listeners and Sponsors. Becoming a sponsor is easy and a great way to help keep us on air commercial free. We offer sponsors use of our logo for both web and print so that they may use in other marketing. "Proud sponsor of commercial free Christian radio." But that is just the tip of the iceburg, Our sponsors get "unlimited views and Clicks" on their Graphic ad which CPR will post on the home page under the heading "Keeping CPR on air commercial free is..." Also our hosts/DJ's will give shout outs to our sponsors on air. Including their web address! CPR has over 1 million listeners! Who listen from all over the world. Most of them are in the Usa.

We have two ways to become a sponsor ONE. is by contacting us and then submitting a payment thru paypal the other is... From time to time CPR will place a sale on Ebay for sponsorship. this is a great way to become a sponsor at a grat price. We offer multi level sponsorships with the lowest being a ad on our home page and the highest level would be on air as well as logo added to the thousands of flyers and hand outs along with Billboards CPR uses in our marketing campaigns. So far as little as $45 for 3 months Or $10k a year for your logo on our out door billboards.

To speak with some one about moving forword and becoming a sponsor please contact us and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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