Tue, Mar 28, 17

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Satan's Accusations

 After I watched the news i began thinking of what satan is upto, So I've decided to wright this article.

Satan's Accusations.

When Satan talks to you about god, he lies. But when he talks to God he somtimes tells the truth! He is "the accuser of our brethern." He has access to heaven, to the very throne of God, and there he reminds God of the condition of his saints.

You and I know about this accusation because we feel it in out own heart and conscience.

"See what Abraham just did! He lised about his wife!"

"Did you see what David did? He committed adultery with his neighbor's wife, and then killed her husband! Judge him! Judge him! Judge him! "Were you listening, God? Did you just hear Peter curse your name and deny your son three times? Are you going to let him get away with that?

It is important that we learn to distinguish between Satan's accusations and the Spirts conviction. A feeling of guilt and shame is a good thing if it comes from the spirt of God! If we listen to the devil it will only lead to regreat and remorse and defeat.

When the Spirt of God convicts you, he uses the word of God in love and seeks to bring you back in to fellowship with your Father. (This is why I keep CPR commercial free to offer you a sound track to fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ, not to be bombarded with advertisements and talk I know you can get that from any radio station CPR is different it is for Gods glory!)


When Satan accuses you he uses your own sins in a hateful way and he seeks to make you feel helpless and hopeless. Judas listend to the devil and went out and hanged himself. Peter looked at the face of Jesus and wept bitterly but later came back into fellowship with Christ.


When you listen to the devil's accusations (all of which may be true) you open yourself up to despair and spiritual paralysis. "My situation is hopeless!" I have heard more than one Christian exclaim or "I'm too far gone - the Lord could never take me back." When you have that helpless hopeless feeling, you can be sure Satan is accusing you.

Don't accept it, Pray and pray some more you can never be too far gone for the creator of the universe to reach out and save you!

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