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New Artist Spotlight GMC

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As you know CPR plays lots of music styles that give praise to the Lord. perhaps thats why were "crazy?" or maybe it is because we are on air 24/7/365 "COMMERCIAL FREE" or maybe we got the name "Crazy" for both reasons or??? but were not telling. What we can tell you is that on our mission to provide the best place to listen to positive christian music and spend time with the Lord we have come across  a artist who goes by GMC!
As I listend for the first time I was in awe as he delivered deep lyrical meaning over some powerful beats. I know after you hear his gift you too will be saying where can i get me some GMC to play for my family and friends or jam out on the way to work keep reading and i will tell you, But first who is GMC?
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Garrett (GMC) Grew up in the prototypical dysfunctional “Christian” home where he and his family
struggled with drug and alcohol problems. He knew of Christian values but had yet learned the fear of the Lord.
After being introduced to some local rappers, Garrett started making music in 2003, glorifying drugs and rebellious sinful living.
Although misguided and lost, he knew that music would one day play a huge part in his life. In 2006, After years of destructive living, indulging in the ways of the world
Garrett was led to Teen Challenge in Milford, OH. There he surrendered his life to the Lord, afterwards he totally gave up music to seek the Lord. After a 6 year hiatus the Lord opened the doors once again for him to continue his music, but now he had years of discipleship to season and guide his message. In 2012 he started working on the Trumpet Call series a 2 part rap album. In 2014 he completed his third album, Blood Moon Rising. Garrett currently lives outside Cincinnati, and continues to die daily documenting his triumphs and struggles in his music.
GMC'S music has been featured on top music sites such as HolyCulture.net, West Coast Fiya, Dasouth.com and, Rapzilla. And now Crazy Praise Radio.
Want to hear GMC? Just use the "Request Page" and let us know what you want to here.
As promised here are some links to more GMC.
GMC Music Links:
bmrfront v31
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