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Bible Reading Plan

Today's Bible Verse

Acts 21:26 - "Then Paul took the men, and the next day purifying himself with them entered into the temple, to signify the accomplishment of the days of purification, until that an offering should be offered for every one of them."

Become a Host

NOW is the time to become a RADIO Show Host of your VERY OWN RADIO show! It has never been easier than this!!!

 RADIO is NOT only the fastest and easiest way to reach people across the globe, but also a great way to increase awareness of the love of Christ by using the most convenient medium.

WCPR Crazy Praise Radio  provides a turn-key process. We work from the heart and care about ALL of our Hosts and their needs because we know that our success depends directly on their success. With that in mind, you can be certain that WCPR Crazy Praise Radio  will ensure everything possible to make your RADIO show a successful one! Were backed with over 19 years experience and tech support from The Ohio Broadcasting Network. Our powerful dedicated servers serve our broadcast in over 123+ countries around the world. Sharing Jesus Christ and his message is all we do.

 Here are some of the great benefits of hosting a show on WCPR Crazy Praise Radio Christian Radio.

 - We provide a turn-key experience for your RADIO show.

 - We have professional producers to manage each one of your shows.

 - We market internationally to ensure constant audience growth.

 - Our shows offer music, talk, inspiration, motivational.

What we require from our hosts...

WCPR Radio requires shows be recorded for air with HIGH quality gear, a cheap pc mic or headset mic will not provide the quality needed for air.

We require you to have your show fully produced / edited (Ready to Air) in MP3 format @ 192 Kbps.

Shows should be recorded an sent to us in segments so a 1 hour show should be 2 30 min mp3 files. a 2 hour show would be sent in 4 30 min. mp3 files.

We need your show 3 days in advance so that we have time to get it on. EXAMPLE if your show airs on Friday (time dont matter for this example) we need your show in by Tuesday.


We ask that all hosts do PROMO work for both their show an the station. there is no set amount but you should consider 2 to 4 per month to keep it fresh, an for your show you should do the same if not more.


WCPR IS COMMERCIAL FREE - we count on donations an sponsors to keep us on air.  YOUR SHOW MUST be free of ANY ADVERTISMENTS!

You can NOT promote other stations or sites on your show. You can promote your social media


We will broadcast your recorded show from our studio in Akron Ohio with a live human radio engineer should you start promoting or run ads. Your show will go off air immediately!

On your show please refer to the station as WCPR, WCPR Radio or Crazy Praise Radio

Do NOT promote your home town or state in the show - WCPR has a broadcast studio in AKRON OHIO. Your show should reflect this as not to confuse listeners.


Show Hosts are volunteers - It is ok for you to tell friends that you work for WCPR just dont look for a paycheck lol

This station is here to promote CHRIST to the world an renwew listeners hearts daily, For a long time I have found myself loving church on Sunday only to wish i could be there on Monday to help my spirt. Thats what we like to do at WCPR provide that place where listeners can tune into an get a dose of praise for however long they wish.

WCPR RADIO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO. Cancel your show with or with out notice to you, for any reason.

This should go with out saying BUT you have not heard some of the music or show demos that have been submitted.

The format of the station is Christian Praise & Worship, CCM. listen to the station for 1 hour before submitting your application.

YOUR SHOW CAN NOT HAVE - cuss words, rude talk, ganster music, advertisments, static or noisy backrounds, Car horns yelling etc. you can not broadcast ANYTHING that goes against God! No sex talk, drug talk, etc. This is a family station kids are listening, .....LIke I said you would have to hear some of the stuff that has been submitted to understand why i have to say this.


If you have a desire to become a host at WCPR an can provide a air ready show each week then we want to hear from you!

What you need to do is have a show demo ready to send!!!

Fill out the form below - If we aprove your request we will send you a email

Due to the high amount of SPAM an ungodly shows that get submitted there a $20.00 submission fee it is a one time donation via the donation page. once that is paid we will all listen to your show should we approve it you will be contacted to go into production.



STEP 1 listen to the station for a min of 1 hour - will your show fit with our format? If yes go on to step 2.

STEP 2 Fill out the form on this page an wait for a email from us (can take upto 2 days for us to respond)

STEP 3 If you get a email saying your show is PRE APPROVED you need to Make your one time $20 donation an send your MP3 show demo to us.

STEP 4 Your approved! - start producing shows. Or if not approved we thank you for your donation. an explain our reason for not approving your show, if it is something that can be fixed you can resubmit with no fee.


NOTE the fee is to weed out the people who do not research or even relize we are a Christain format station, this protects us from wasting our time and listening to garbage music. The donation of $20 is fair an is NOT PROFIT it goes directly to paying our overhead costs (server fees, Imaging, etc.)

Whos Online

We have 7802 guests and 46 members online

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About Us


“We are a vibrant Christian Radio Station which exists to give glory to God in Jesus Christ.

We see ourselves as a center for Christian renewal in the lives of individuals, families and congregations.

No longer do you have to wait to Sunday Church to enjoy Praise & Worship music and invite the presence of God

into your life. We offer a place to fill your sprit daily with Christ thru music.

This is why we strive to be and remain commercial free unlike other stations we are not here for profit, but to bring people to Christ.

Help people stay focused on their faith, and renew daily.

We are committed to:

  • Worship as a dynamic experience of the presence of God through Word, Sacrament, Music and Christian community;
  • Welcome as an invitation to everyone to meet Jesus Christ no matter where they are on their spiritual journey of life;
  • Empowerment as enabling individuals, couples and families to discover the power of the Holy Spirit through faith active in real life; and
  • Growth as the opportunity to increase each person’s confidence and joy in Jesus Christ through prayer, Bible study and through active service in our church, community and world.”