Tue, Mar 28, 17

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CPR is looking for show hosts.

become a host on CPR

CPR is looking for shows and show hosts. Is this something you would like to do? If so read on. What we are looking for is talk show hosts, among other show ideas. Do you want to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus? Here is your chance. 

So a show would consist of a new show each week and you would have to create and produce your show in your home or church studio and submit it to the station manager each week by a set dead line so that it can be aired on time. 

What you will need is a desire to reach the world for Jesus.

A computer with some type of reording software (there is free software out there or you can buy software)

you need a high quality mic and headphones.

You need a quiet place to record your show!!


Want to go all out? If you want the most from your show you can have show intros and host ID's made you can find this by searching google for dj drops or radio imaging etc.

you can and should make it known to the public in your community that you are a radio host and seek to find business or churches to do live shows from including the public etc.

You will need some quality photos of you for marketing purposes and should make avalible to CPR asap.


Ready to get started? Contact us with your name and phone along with your show idea. Then Record a demo of your show and submit it to us, if you need help as far as what kind

of mic to buy or how to get free software you may contact us. 

Keep In mind your show should be atleast 60 min. and no more then 1 1/2 hours long. You will need to produce a new show at least once a week!


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