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New CPR Player in the works. Started by Chris Tuesday, 08 July 2014 0 Replies
Time to test! Started by Chris Sunday, 15 June 2014 1 reply
Mobile App Started by Chris Friday, 27 December 2013 1 reply
Samsung Galixy Started by Chris Tuesday, 17 December 2013 0 Replies
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Chris posted a new discussion2 years ago

2015 site changes and updates.

So as we move forward into 2015 we have over 2 million hits and to better serve every one we will be rolling out a major overhaul on the community and the software that powers it. It is close to being done and still testing and working out some bugs but this will be one of the biggest upgrades to CPR since the new dedicated server that was added in 2014. Tho this is not that big it is in a way as this is all new code and stuff... We will need you guys to play and test the beta ver, when it is...

CPR testing team

Tested on Iphone 5 this morning and it dident take but 3 seconds or less to start playing clear skip free

Chris replied to Time to test! 3 years ago

if you need a photo for the test you can download the praise logo 1 from this group on the right and re upload it for the test.

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Time to test!

Hey CPR test team, please test the PHOTO UPLOAD feature of CPR. Some times it seems to work and other times it just dont Test by going to your profile (loged in) and upload a photo. share your results here in the group and let us know what you used for the test i.e. browser Mac or PC windows 8/7 vista xp linux etc this way if it works i know what systems it works on and what it dont I need to find the bug so it can get fixed. Thanks guys

CPR testing team
Chris replied to Mobile App 3 years ago

Crazy Praise Radio has been working with a Professional app firm. After some time the app is ready for release. And soon we will release the app in the google play store where you may download it for free. This is great news for our mobile users as some devices play CPR as is and others wont. So get excited if you were among the many who could not listen on your mobile, With out using a third party app such as tune IN radio, web radio central or stream finder apps. We will still carry our...