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Get your music on air!

Want to hear your music on our station? Crazy Praise Radio has had over a million listeners in 2014. With over 309,000 in October alone! The station outgrew it's server in less then six months and had to upgrade to a larger server to handle listener demand. The station has it's own app in Google play and is carried on over a dozen other apps like Tunin radio app. WCPR offers multiple players on the site for people to listen via windows media player, flash player, winamp and more along with a custom coded web player. All this took both time and money and with increased operating costs effective  November 7, 2014 Crazy Praise Radio will be asking any artist / group for a donation of $5 per track you wish to be aired. or $100.00 per year for unlimited subbmissions and airplay, we would also offer you a interview to be aired durring our highest listener times! and give you shout outs on Facebook page with thousands of fans! See below this screen cap was taken midweek. 

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 NOTE: This donation is for one track or unlimited tracks eather way we will add to our music and it will be played sevral times and listeners can use the request page to request it!

By submitting music YOU AGREE to article 2 of our terms

Ready to get heard?

1. simply click the link below make a donation $5 per track or $100 per year.

2. Make a note of your paypal transaction id and send it along with your broadcast ready Mp3(s) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DO NOT SUBMIT MUSIC if you have not made a donation or agree to article 2 of our terms

(please put paypal transaction id in the subject so we can get your music on air faster)

3. We will send you a email when your song has been included into rotation.


Please note for legal reasons we can not download or go get your music and air it YOU MUST EMAIL each track to us.


         Unlimited track

          submissions for 1 YEAR!




         Submit 1 Track $5.00




Why are we asking for money to play your music?

The simple truth is we dont want to. The reality is, We get hundreds of song submission requests a week. And it takes time to listen to each track to make sure it is in line with our values as well as broadcast ready. Then we have another listen and many of us listen and determen which show it should be aired on i.e. Christian rap would be on the hip hop show and not on the praise and worship segments. All this takes time.

Another reason is it helps weed out the bad tracks that dont meet our standards for broadcasting or are not Christian.

We also have to take time to put the track on our server and also our studio pc's

We want to air your music but one track takes hours of work for 2 or more people. And we have alot of over head so it was suggested that we ask for a small offering to ensure artists are serious and to help with our over head costs that must be paid every month for us to remain on air not to mention our cost for software licence and development of the site and features.

Bottom line is if you are a Christian artist then you have a Christian ministry, Well so do we so the idea is ministry helping ministry to promote gods kingdom. If you can not afford a $5 offering we ask that you play your music to your church pastor and ask him to sponsor your cost to get in on the radio. 

 Our paypal business name is Out Source Web Media. This will show up on the pay pal page and on your bank/credit card statement.


*please note we will not air music that has bad words/meanings we are a christian station. We play ALL FORMATS of CHRISTIAN music from praise and worship, country, hip hop, even christian rap. If you send a track that has bad words we will not play it and we will not offer a refund you will of simply made a donation to the station.