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For providing commercial free Christain Music 24/7 

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John 1:19 - "And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?"



Submit your music.

Once upon a time we used a service to get new music, Two of them infact, that service paid us to play new music which was great as it helped with the over head costs of operating WCPR. 

WCPR is no longer using a service  instead will be accepting music submissions directly again (we did this years ago before we used music services)


Here is the catch if there is one, We are asking for a "Love  offering" directly from the artist who wish to be heard on WCPR.


So if you would like to submit a song for air play please use the suggested offering amount of $5.00 per track you may add to this amount if you wish.

click the link below an it will take you to paypal to securly make payment. After paymet you will be directed back to WCPR.

If submiting ONE track enter $5.00 on the paypal page for donation, 2 songs enter $10.00 etc,




Are you a Church or record label wanting UNLIMITED submissions for a year?

Use the "BUY NOW" buttom below for unlimited submissions for a year. $100.00


Artists who have more then one track ready for airplay but dont want to pay for UNLIMITED plan 

can use the following button to chose number of submissions at a discounted rate.



Single artist only multiple submissions


Please NOTE any submissions with out a paypal id or previous offering will not be listened to or considered for airplay.

Will show up on your bank/credit card statement as Green Image Marketing.

Please allow up to 72 hours for airplay to begain.,

Tracks MUST be broadcast ready an delivered to us in MP3 format.

Christian Music ONLY! we accept all formats praise & Worship, CCM, Christian Country Christian Hip hop etc.

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