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Complications Of Volunteer Armed Church Security

On the other hand, it's provided both opportunity along with serious concerns for churches not having budgets that support professional armed security. I've spoken now to multiple area pastors and other church leaders. The question "should we form a volunteer armed security team?" opens a door that leads down a lot of paths.

Plus virtually all pastors are getting pressed to answer if people can carry concealed.

Starting from a church security perspective, there is an obvious advantage to having some capable people armed.

Some questions that arise are:
What kind of handguns should be carried concealed?
What should volunteers' qualifications be?
What is the proper mindset for volunteer armed security?
Who is criminally liable if somebody gets shot?
Who is liable on a civil basis?
How do we train our armed volunteers?
How do we place them for best safety?
Should our armed security volunteers be discreet or clearly identified?
How are people in the congregation going to feel about it?
If we don't do it is it going to make people mad? 
...... on and on it goes.

I'm Mark Rogers, best known online as the Christian Gun Owner.

I can help you with many of the church volunteer armed security concerns you have.

My unique experience as a Christian, church member, handgun operations expert, shooting group leader and church staff member gives me the perspective you need.

Perspective to wisely choose, teach proper balance between security and sanctity, what types of handguns are acceptable, and the ideal armed volunteer.

This is not a tactical training program. It is a consultation service for transitioning to armed volunteer church security personnel.

Contact me. I'll be proud to help you navigate the winding path to getting your team solidly in place.

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