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Crazy Praise Radio Hired a Professional app firm. And after some time the App has been  released. And  in the google play store where you may download it for free.
This is great news for our mobile users as some devices play CPR as is and others wont. So get excited if you were among the many who could not listen on your mobile, With out using a third party app such as tune IN radio, web radio central or stream finder apps. We will still carry our station on those apps however we will now have our own exclusive app that will perform much faster, wont charge for upgrades or updates and will not add commercials or push notifications. The CPR app is designed to be light so even less expensive phones can still get it.!




Please RATE 5 STARS & Comment in google play so others will find us!

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Wow things are going great here at CPR and we are blessed to be where were at in less then 3 months over 20,000 listeners! and growing! What a awsome God we serve!

The CPR Family, God (Jesus Christ)

CPR has been blessed with 2 Full Time IT tech's on call 24/7 to keep the station "live" in the event somthing goes wrong! Our Genral Manager Chris W. our marketing department for both online and off line. Marketing Excutive Livvy and Green Image Marketing llc.. Voice tallent from Dan, Dennis, Chris, Livvy, Tom and more. Our Friends over at Gmap and our growing members along with the Massive and much bigger then expected listener base. Our Friends At Ohio Broadcasting and Quantom Vision Works.



The Hip Hop Show every night at 11pm

Late Night Mix M-F @ 1 am - 8am  A mix of praise and worship and hip hop Christian Rock

More shows in the works be sure to check back for new updates!

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  • Enjoy tonight's Hip hop show.... More great things coming soon to CPR stay tuned :)
    35 minutes ago
  • Mandy shared a video.
    Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin (with lyrics)

    As with all my videos, this one is with lyrics for worship. I wanted to do a human video with this song, but it just wasn't working with the words.... but I like how it came out. Hope you do, too. The song is sung by Chris Tomlin.

    59 minutes ago
  • Mandy shared a video.
    I Lift My Hands by Chris Tomlin

    I lift my hands by Chris Tomlin Key verses: Lamentations 3:22-24; Psalm 46:10 Be still, there is a healer His love is deeper than the sea His mercy, it is unfailing His arms are a fortress for the weak Let faith arise Let faith arise I lift my hands to believe again You are my refuge, You are my strength As I pour out my heart, these things I remember You are faithful, God, forever Be still, there is a river [ From:

    1 hours 3 minutes ago
  • Mandy shared a video.
    Chris Tomlin - Lord I Need You

    From the 2011 Passion live album "Here For You" this is Chris Tomlin singing "Lord I Need You", sort of a modern-day version of the hymn "I Need Thee Every Hour". Written by Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, and Matt Maher. Yes,we *do* need Him. Without Him we have no hope, and we have no promise of salvation. I was asked to add this link to my description. I don't normally do that, but this is a nice song:

    1 hours 6 minutes ago

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Check out that sky and the rays from the sun! awsome!
An example of how God provides for us 1 he gave us the brains to discover electric. 2 harness it's power 3 create it from "HIS" wind. they lyrics just poped in my head " ... Are God is an awsome God ...

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