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how to Get played on CPR

If you are looking to get your music on air this is what you need to do 1. Be a member of crazypraiseradio.com 2. join this group (Artist/Bands) 3. Upload your broadcast ready Mp3. 4. Listen to CPR and hear your song! It is really that simple. We play all types of music here on CPR if your music is rap it will be added to the hip hop show which airs 7 days @ 8pm est. time.

Artists / Bands
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Get YOUR Music On Air!

Crazy Praise Radio wants to help those who are using their talent for God's Glory. If you have a Broadcast ready track you would like considered for airplay this is how to get it to us. your broadcast ready Mp3 file(s) along with a intro recording to promote your track and our station you may be creative with this. example would be Hey Crazy Praise Radio listeners this is (your name) My new single (tack name) is up next here on CPR hope you like it dont forget to add me to your friends list...

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